Name: Mexican Mafia

Type of Gang: Prison gang in California

Origins/History: Orriginated in the mid-1950's at the Duel Vocational Institute in Tracy, California. The prison, orginally built to house young male offenders, soon became home of many Mexican-American street gang members. They mostly came from Barrios, or neighborhoods in East Lost, Angeles.

Location/Turf: Prison gang in California

Characteristics:"Blood in,Blood out" requirement for membership. They use hand symbols to communicate to one another. They have many tattoos to symbolize their killings.

Criminal Activities: Mexican Mafia members have to follow four rules: they cannot (1) be an informant; (2) be a homosexual; (3) be a coward; or (4) disrespect or politic against another member. Death is the automatic consequence for violation of any of the first three rules, and only a member can carry out the murder of another.

Impact on Society: Mexican-American inmates wanted more freedom and more control over prison drug trade.

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