The Crips were a street gang that was formed in the early 1970's and still thrive to this day. The gang was formed by two teenagers by the name of Stanley "Tookie" Williams and Raymond Washington
crips.jpg 1003bwilliams.jpgStanley "tookie" Williams in his prime.

The name was gained for a bunch of teens accompained by Raymond Washington this women filed a report and describing one of the kids as a "Crip with a stick". They took the name and made into a abbreviations turned it to Crazy Real or Ruthless Insane People (Crips). They started out in southern Los Anglels and has spread 221 cities across the nation. In the1990's the Crip gang also expanded into some parts of Canada. The some of there characteristics are the rap, do graffiti, and word deletion. The deleted the letter "b" from the alphabet. They felt that if you said "B" you woould referin to some in disrespect seein that they had a beef with the "bloodz". They did many different kinds of criminal activies but some are drug traffican, robbing, extortion, murder, burglary, and theift. The Crips have quite the negative impact on society.

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