Name: Bloods

Type of gang: Street Gang

Origins/History: The Piru Street Boys lead a revolt against the crips and were instrumental in creating the Bloods gang in 1972. Between 1982-1984 the violence between Bloods and Crips skyrocketed.

Location/turf: Bloods and Crips fought over territories as drug sale locations in West Coast cities, primarily Los Angeles, during the 1980s. In 1993, a group in Rikers Island created the United Blood Nation (UBN), for protections against the Latin Kings, and emulated the West Coast lifestyle.

Characteristics: Most members identify with the color red but may not always wear gang identifiers when engaging in criminal activity. West Coast Bloods wear bandanas and East Coast Bloods wear a beaded necklace. There is no formal leadership within the gang. One Blood gang in one area may have absolutly no affiliation with another Blood gang.

Criminal Activities: Selling drugs, primarily Crack Cocaine. Gang violence against rival gangs, (Crips.)

Impact on society: Bloods became a household name during the late 80s from the movie Colors. Some movie theaters promoted the movie by offering a bandana to movie attendees. Some children who saw the movie also started small groups emulating the Bloods. While most were just kids messing around, there were some accounts of crimes being committed.


Brad Knapp