s-elrukens.gifThe Black P-Stone Nation By. Michael Moore, Ian Ward and Greg Metro
  • Black Peace Stone Nation
  • Founders= Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston
  • Colors= black,red and green
  • Type= Street Gang, multi-racial and multi-gender
  • History= Operated in Chicago since the early 1960s originally known as the "Grass-roots Independent voters of Illinois"
    • During the 1960s they became known as the "Black Stone Riders" under the leadership of Jeff Fort
    • Fort Consolidated aproximately fifty south-side Chicago woodland districts and they became the "Black P-Stone Nation"
  • Location/turf= Chicago-spread to midwest and the east coast
  • Characteristics=Multi-racial and multi-gender
    • wore black red and green to distinguish members
    • identifiers included the "Five-point star", pyramids with 21 blocks, an eye and the initials "BPS"
  • Criminal Activities= drug trafficing, assult, burglery, drive-by's, extortion, homicide, identity theft, and money laundering
  • Impact on society= Impacted the government in the 1960s till now
    • 7.5 out of 10 threat level-very high
    • continuing problems in communities with young members
    • influence terrorism
    • authoritarian religious cult/criminal gang-influenced by the Islamic Religion
The Five-Point Star hand sign