type of gang- Mexican,Mixed raced gang

orgions/history- Formed in the 1960's. origions in racial predijuice. the clato street gang was what started the gang, they wouldnt let the youth and or anyone who was not a legal citize join. Kid nicknamed"Glover" was in a detention facillity, started a mixed raced gang. Named the gang from the creator of the claton streets gang's street that he lived on.

Location/Turf- Los Angelas mainly, but over the years they have spread to Mexico, and Canada.

Characteristics- They adorn their bodies with tattoos. most commo tat. is 18 (xviii ) all over their bodies. Plus an 18 on their forehead or above their eyebrows. the number 666 can also represent the 18th street gang. Their clothing style is pretty simple, Brown/Black pants, white t-shirt, sometimes sports teams apperall. Use graffitti to mark their turf.(as do every gang).

Criminal Activity- Highly involved in auto theft, car jackings, drive-by shootings, drug sales, arms trafficking, extortion, rape, murder for hire and murder. National and International drug trafficking is one of their main priorities. Established ties with the Mexican and Columbian drug cartels. Ties with the Mexican Mafia prison gang and many black street gangs. Also sell cocaine, weed, tar heroin, and methamphetomines.

Impact on Society- There impact would have to be that they are one of the largest gangs we have and they don't mess around with no one. they are very busy people. If they were to come to South Park, we would all be in trouble.